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Buzzers are typically used for identification and alarm purposes across many major industries. Industries Served
Safety and Security
Automotive Electronics
Office Automation
Medical Equipment
Consumer Electronics


Piezo Buzzer vs. Magnetic Buzzer
Magnetic Buzzer Structure
Piezo Trasducer and Piezo Buzzer Structure
Indicators vs. Transducers
Micro SMD Buzzer


How can get rid of rodents?
1.The Solar Rodent Repeller works on gopher, vole, shrew and other destructive in the garden, Lawn.
2.It chases away mole and other ground rodents with sound instead of poisons. This repeller emits an intermittent combination of underground sound and vibration every 30 seconds . That mole and other burrowing rodents can't stand. However, it won't disturb household pets.


How an get rid of snakes?
1.Solar Electronic Snake Repeller is a Solar Powered Electronic Snake Repellent get rid of all poisonous snakes. including:*Brown snakes*Tiger snakes*Rattles snakes* Copperhead snakes*Garter snakes.
2.Solar snake control products send out signals through the earth every 30 second , snakes pick this up as a vibration that makes the snakes distinctly uncomfortable, persuading them to leave the area.


USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Structure :
1.Using special led light to attract mosquitoes
2.Through a powerful fan suction the mosquitoes into the mosquito box, then mosquitoes will death because of air dried .



Audio Buzzer:

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Pest repeller :

Button Mole Repeller

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Button Mosquito Killer Lamp

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